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For food manufacturing companies, the discussion surrounding how to manage on-site waste best can be challenging. But with the phs Wastekit on-site, it’s possible to achieve that high level of management with an effective system that keeps your workplace tidy, while meeting all required health & safety regulations for waste disposal. Our Wastekit can even offer businesses an excellent way to save money on waste disposal costs and even earn money back from recyclable goods. Here’s how we do it:

The phs Wastekit Solution

Designed with businesses like yours in mind, the phs Wastekit solution is a fully realised tool for food manufacturing companies looking to shake up their in-house waste management. An effective system has been proven to reduce the costs of waste disposal, and in many cases, can promote a safer and pest-free environment. The Wastekit includes two distinct components: the compactor and the baler. This is all you need to know about our kit to decide if we’re the best fit for your business:

Compacting Services Reduce Your Waste Requirements

The phs Wastekit includes a high-end, effective compactor as part of its waste solution, providing food manufacturers with a convenient and practical way to reduce the mess and space that typical business waste takes up. This is achieved by compressing existing waste down to a smaller size, providing greater space in bins and in many cases reducing the number of waste receptacles required in the workplace. If it’s good for your work environment, it’s great for your business. Our compactor is so powerful that you can even reduce outside waste storage as a result, allowing you to make better use of external spaces.

Segregating Waste Through a Designated Baler Makes Recycling Easy

Recycling is a must for any ethical food manufacturing business. With the phs Wastekit balers, we take the challenge out of recycling by offering a clear-cut, practical way to segregate waste. In an industry where heavy use of cardboard, plastics, paper, and even metals can be common, a comprehensive recycling system is more than beneficial. Not only can you reduce the quantity of waste going into landfill, but you might even be able to get some cash back by selling baled recyclables that would otherwise be costing you money.

Why Choose phs?

As waste management experts, phs is one of the best brands around if you’re looking to reduce waste, increase recycling and promote a safer, greener work environment. Our services are tailored to the requirements of your specific business, allowing us to offer a custom solution that’s exactly right for your food manufacturing plant or facility. We’re up to date on all waste regulations, and our knowledge of legal and ethical requirements is second-to-none. If you’re considering investing in a better waste management solution, we’re the team to call.

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