Plastic Balers

If you're a business which generates significant amounts of waste plastics, you'll appreciate the importance of plastic baling machines when it comes to effective waste management. Whether this is the first time you've considered plastic waste balers to manage your plastic, or have already used another type of baler but wish to upgrade or review your current arrangements, we've got a suitable solution. In addition to a wide range of cardboard and plastic balers for sale, we also have other types of waste compactors, and an experienced team of waste experts who are able to offer advice and product recommendations suitable for almost any business operation.

Engineer Servicing Baler
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Save Money With Plastic Balers for Crushing Waste

In comparison to other types of plastic waste disposal, creating plastic bales has a number of advantages:

  • Volume reduction - compressed plastic takes up far less room than plastic scraps that take up extra space such as PET bottles, freeing up valuable storage space and making them the ideal option for retail stores, warehouses and other businesses with limited floor space.
  • Rigid plastic bales can be stored one on top of the other, making use of vertical space. In a similar way, horizontal balers and vertical balers are both available for ease of use and space management.
  • Bale weight - compact bales are more stable and dense than lots of smaller pieces, meaning that they are safer to transport. They can also easily be wrapped in plastic film for further safety.
  • Waste costs - For companies that pay according to the volume of waste which is removed, plastic bales are an economical form for plastic waste. They are also one of the easiest ways for recycling companies to sort, split and manage recyclable materials, which is beneficial when it comes to the environmental impact of your waste strategy
  • A plastic baler does most of the hard work automatically, minimising labour costs and reducing the risk of human error during the baling process.
  • Plastic balers are able to run 24/7, with the higher spec models able to cope with high volumes of waste, ensuring waste disposal is able to keep up with your operational requirements, no matter how demanding the schedule.

High-grade Plastic Balers for Sale

Every plastic or cardboard baler machine in our selection has been manufactured to a high standard, using durable materials. With a number of design innovations which result in high performance and good energy efficiency, we have a range of balers that are suitable for anything from heavy-duty use for larger volumes of plastic waste, through to smaller balers intended for occasional use and lower volume waste streams. Showcasing some of the most advanced models on the market, our premium selection has something suitable for every budget.

Engineer Servicing Baler
Compactor Being Serviced

Why Not Hire Plastic Balers?

There are all sorts of reasons why hiring a plastic baler could be a better solution than buying one outright. If you are in any of the following situations, why not rent plastic balers and assess how they meet the needs of your organisation?

  • Considering purchasing a baler, but unsure how much capacity you need.
  • Wish to check that a baler will fit into your premises without compromising operational activities.
  • Already have a baler, but are considering an upgrade and want to see what added value one of our plastic balers for sale would bring without committing.
  • Only need a baler for short-term use, or to complete a one-off job.
  • Wish to use a baler in the longer term, but don't want to invest in another asset.
  • Unsure which types of plastic materials can be baled or whether the plastic packaging waste you produce is well suited for balers.

Our expert team are happy to help you find the baler solution that's going to be right for your needs. Whether you're interested in one of our wide variety of plastic balers for sale or are considering a hire option, we are always happy to help.

You can book in a meeting with our sales consultant team and find out more about PHS Wastekit services and products. Just complete the form on the right-hand side of this page, or call 0800 169 3534 today.