Spare Parts

Almost inevitably, at some point in their lifetime, a waste baler or compactor will need a fresh part. If you're looking for high-quality spare horizontal or vertical baler parts, we can help! Our wide selection includes a full range of parts for all Orwak balers and compactors, smaller items such as cardboard baler wire, as well as a good selection of spares suitable for other recycling equipment brands. When you use us for your spare parts, you can expect to benefit from:

  • High-grade spare compactor parts and preventive maintenance that will give years of durable service and reduce the risk of unexpected breakdowns and equipment downtime
  • A wide range of baler spares and parts suitable for most of the balers and compactors in general use. This includes discontinued or older models: if you've got a baler or compactor that's well on the way to becoming a vintage item, we've usually got the parts you need to keep it going strong for a little while longer.
  • A straight-forward ordering process and fast delivery with rental and purchasing discounts.
  • The services of our knowledgeable, experienced team of engineers, waste specialists and customer service experts. As niche providers of balers and compactors, we are ideally placed to give recommendations on the right part for your requirements. If you're not sure what part is needed, or you have an obscure or older model, we are still usually able to come up with something that's suitable for your requirements.
  • Competitive pricing and excellent value, including reduced transport costs and replacement warranty.

Spare Parts FAQs

Although we aren't a substitute for a good engineer, our team are experts in their field and are often able to deduce what the problem is and come up with suitable part recommendations over the phone. If you are in this situation, give us a call and we will do our best to help give the peace of mind you need.

If you know the spare parts or range of materials you require or need help identifying the correct part please get in contact by either calling us on 0800 169 3534 or filling out a contact form and we will be in touch as soon as possible.