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If you run a restaurant, pub, nightclub or bar, then you’re already aware of the huge amount of waste that can be generated in just a single week. This, combined with the lack of space for the storage of waste, can present real issues when it comes to managing waste and recycling effectively. If your business needs a way to improve waste and reduce risk to employees and customers alike, then phs Wastekit might be the solution you’re looking for. Reducing handling requirements, and improving the space your waste takes up, there are many reasons why our customers choose us. Here are just a few:

The phs Wastekit for Pubs, Restaurants, Bars and More

With high demand and little space to spare, it’s no surprise that many pubs, restaurants and similar establishments are less than efficient when it comes to managing their waste. But with the phs Wastekit installed, managing the disposal and recycling of waste is easier than ever. It could even save you money – that’s just how good our system is. Here’s what we have to offer:

Save Space and Reduce Handling With Effective Compacting

In a fast-paced rub or restaurant environment, the ability to reduce waste handling time is a huge bonus to an effective waste management system. The phs Wastekit aims to offer this reduction in handling by allowing the compaction of waste in one convenient location. Combined with the additional space that this solution provides, the benefits of investing in better waste management is more than worth the up-front cost.Keeping on top of your waste management doesn’t have to be difficult when you’re got all the tools in place to help you to succeed.

Go Green With Easy-to-Use Recycling Waste Balers

Paper, cardboard, glass and plastics are all highly prevalent forms of waste output from the average restaurant, bar or pub. With more and more business working to comply with the UK’s rules on waste management, being able to recycle quickly and effectively is more critical than ever. With the phs Wastekit, our balers systems enable fast and easy recycling that can even be sold on to local recycling companies for a tidy profit. There’s no downside to going green.

Why Choose phs?

As experts in the world of waste management, we know the best methods for every business we work with. For pubs, clubs and restaurants, we know the need to maximise the space you have available and reduce the time spent handling waste while customers are waiting to be served. With the phs Wastekit, managing waste in-house is easier than ever – and more cost-effective too. We help companies meet all UK compliance requirements, and keep your space tidy at the time time.

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