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If you are involved in the ownership or day to day management of hotels, it is likely that you are aware of the large amount of waste which establishments can produce. The hospitality industry is responsible for various waste streams, which require dealing with efficiently and responsibly.

With phs Wastekit, hotels have a waste solutions leader on their side, with a range of offerings; from equipment rental to servicing and parts. Trust us to help you enhance your day to day waste strategy, saving you time and resources, while also covering you for one-off events such as weddings and conferences.

How phs Wastekit Help to Manage Your Waste?

If you are a hotel which is focused on reducing your waste disposal costs while upping your efficiency, phs Wastekit is the ideal waste solutions partner for you. From our unrivalled waste compactors and balers, to a variety of different size equipment which we have in stock, at phs Wastekit you can find the ideal solution to safeguard your waste management; both now and in the future.

At phs Wastekit, we partner with hotels, becoming a natural extension of their operations team. When you are with us, you will be able to reap the following benefits:

  • Reduce both bins and collections - is your site cluttered with a high number of bins which can make the place seem unsightly? Do you typically have to arrange several collections every week? At phs Wastekit, our tried and trusted waste management formulas mean we know exactly how to bring down the number of bins you need, as well as the frequency of collections.
  • Improve tidiness - it is a simple but effective strategy; with phs Wastekit you can ensure your bin area is tidier at all times by compacting your waste.
  • Engineers at the ready - whenever you need to call out our maintenance teams, they are ready! You can benefit from experienced on-call engineers who will keep your machines in working order.
  • Deal with busy periods better - because busy periods such as one-off events can lead waste to spiral out of control at hotels, phs Wastekit's balers and compactors provide a vital role in clearing the mess when waste volumes are high. This allows you to ensure that first impressions remain positive in places where waste is kept.
  • Keep vermin away - waste areas which are not managed efficiently not only look bad, but they can also be a magnet for vermin. By using the best waste management equipment solutions you can ensure that your yard is clean and tidy, and not offering conditions for vermin to spread.
  • Size conscious - limited space? We have machines to suit even the smallest yard, particularly in city centre and town hotels.
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