Cardboard Waste Balers

Do you need top-class cardboard baling machines to use in your business? These machines form a key part of any waste management strategy and will help you work in a greener, more environmentally friendly way. Browse our wide range of cardboard balers today to find the perfect fit for what you need. When you have, call for more details on 0800 169 3534.

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Manage Your Waste With Cardboard Balers

phs Wastekit carry a range of balers which are sure to make managing your business waste simpler and more efficient. This is true for any size of company and any kind of budget.

Of course, it can sometimes be tricky to know which is the best option for you. If you need any help, call our expert team for assistance on 0800 169 3534. Once you know what you are looking for, please browse through the various cardboard balers we have for sale or hire.

Small to Medium Cardboard Balers

If you are a small to medium-sized organisation which does not produce large volumes of cardboard waste, the smaller HSM balers we stock are ideal. These cardboard balers for crushing waste do not take up as much floor space as larger machines but still deliver outstanding results. Vertical balers also take up less floor space than horizontal balers and offer smaller sized bales for obvious reasons. The V-Press 504 and V-Press 05 we stock are the perfect balers for SMEs with small volumes of waste due to their compact size and smaller bale weight.

Larger Balers for Bigger Waste Requirements

If you produce a greater volume of cardboard waste, then the larger HSM balers are advised. If you are looking to open up new revenue streams through cardboard recycling and get more from your waste management process, or if you simply deal with very large waste volumes,, these bigger machines are ideal. At phs Wastekit, we carry the V-Press 825 Pro, the V-Press 860 Plus and the V-Press 1160 Plus.

What is a Cardboard Baling Machine?

In simple terms, horizontal or vertical cardboard balers are a vital part of volume reduction for any business's waste management scheme. They crush up waste cardboard (or other waste materials) and then compress it into bales. These bales are then very easy to transport to a recycling facility by waste collection teams and also take up less room when being stored on your premises.

All the cardboard compactors and balers we stock are effective, efficient, simple to use and reliable. Buying or hiring one will remove any headaches you have around dealing with cardboard waste currently and improve your company's recycling output. As well as offering great value for money, we have various options to choose from in terms of waste compactors.

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Purchasing a Baling Machine

Whatever you require, we can create a custom purchase, maintenance or rental deal to help. If you choose to buy, you can rest assured all the cardboard balers for sale we have are made to the highest standards for complete safety and effectiveness. We also offer a range of related products such as baling wire, plastic film for wrapping bales etc.

Hiring a Cardboard Baler

One way to help manage your cashflow and still take control of large amounts of cardboard waste is to think about renting your waste management equipment. When you hire cardboard balers you also get cost savings early in your contract on any waste disposal.

Baler Maintenance

Keeping your industrial balers in good order is crucial to keep it running and avoid any problems with performance. We offer a range of service contracts to our customers - call today for more details.

Let phs Wastekit Supply Your Cardboard Baler

Our value for money prices and top-class cardboard baling machines mean that we are the people to call if you want to make your waste management process more efficient. Whether you want to rent cardboard balers or buy any type of cardboard baler, we can make it happen. Call today on 0800 169 3534 for a free quote.

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