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From theme parks to leisure centres, gyms to health clubs, it’s no secret that leisure facilities can produce a high level of waste, both from customers and from the upkeep and management of the site itself. For leisure businesses, this means that effective management is a must to ensure the efficient collection and disposal of waste, to maintain those same high standards expected by customers and visitors. For a solution that does the work for you, there’s no better option than the phs Wastekit. Offering a clear way to reduce waste, save costs and even earn cashback, our waste solution is exactly what your leisure facility needs. Here’s why:

The phs Wastekit for Leisure Facilities

Developed to meet the specific needs of a wide range of industries, including the leisure industry, the phs Wastekit solution has all the functionality needed to achieve exceptional waste control. A system in two parts, our kit includes both balers and compactors to reduce the space your waste takes up while promoting recycling and controlled segregation. As for what each piece of our kit does, read on for more details:

Better Compacting for Effective Space Management

One of the most significant issues faced by leisure facilities is the space needed to store high volumes of waste. But with the phs Wastekit, those issues are resolved thanks to the inclusion of a capable waste compactor. This system allows for the practical reduction of space that waste takes up on-site. Not only does this provide greater space in bins and other waste receptacles, but it also improves safety in the workplace by reducing tripping hazards or pest risks. Our compactor can reduce your waste into a more manageable space, providing the option to reduce the amount of visible waste storage on-site.

Balers Designed With Greener Business in Mind

For the modern leisure facility, instigating effective recycling policies is a must. The phs Wastekit solution includes a highly effective waste baler, providing a quick and easy way to separate and manage different waste streams into cardboard, plastics, metals and more. These balers don’t just offer a better way for your business to be green. They also provide a new way to bring cash into your business through the sale of baled materials that might otherwise end up in landfill at your expense.

Why Choose phs?

As experts in the world of waste management, we’re the best people for the job when it comes to managing the level of waste in your leisure facility. Our phs Wastekit service is tailored to the exact requirements of your business. Whether it’s high levels of customer waste, specific needs and more, we’re equipped to transform your waste management into something cost-effective and easily controlled. We’re even up-to-date on all the UK’s waste regulation laws to ensure your new solution does all you need it to.

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