Retail Outlets

Retail outlets are well-known for having a huge amount of variety in both their waste streams and volume of waste generated, depending on the time of year and individual business requirements. Not to mention the fact that many retail businesses have space at a premium, making it even more essential to have a waste management system in place that’s fast, effective and practical at even the busiest seasonal times. If you’re looking for a solution that does all that and more, then phs Wastekit might be the ideal choice for your retail outlet. Here’s why we’re the best in the business:

phs Wastekit for Retail Outlets

Designed to meet the ever-changing and highly demanding needs of retail outlets, phs Wastekit's solution is equipped with the robust requirements needed to ensure waste is always effectively managed. This system includes both an effective recycling system using balers, as well as a convenient compactor system to reduce the footprint of waste where that additional space is needed. Here’s what our kit can do for you:

Compacting Suitable for Retail Environments

Space is one of the number one issues when it comes to retail outlet environments. That’s why we include high-quality, space-saving waste compactors as part of our phs Wastekit solution. These compactors not only improve the appearance of your retail business by reducing waste, but they also reduce risks of trip hazards and other issues from waste that is not contained. Introducing a compactor can be an excellent way to reduce the number of waste bins required in your business, as well as ensuring you can keep up with waste management at even the busiest and stressful times of the year.

Meet Your Requirements for Compliance With Recycling Balers

For any retail outlet, there are specific requirements for compliance with the 2011 Waste Management Legislation. This legislation requires companies to recycle materials wherever possible, lessening the impact on the environment and providing greener working conditions. For businesses short of space, recycling might seem a difficult concept. But with phs Wastekit balers, it’s not only fast and easy to dispose of plastics, paper, cardboard and more - it’s also a new way to generate revenue for your retail business if you’re able to sell those balers on.

Why Choose phs?

We’re experts at what we do. So why wouldn’t you want the best when it comes to your waste management solution? In retail outlets, where space and time are in short supply, a solution that’s both high-quality and hands-off is the goal. With phs Wastekit, that’s easily achievable thanks to our tailor-made kits designed specifically for your business. We support companies to make the change to greener waste control, and your retail outlet is no exception.

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