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If you’re currently using a baler and compactor in your business, and you require accessories, then phs Wastekit has it all. We don’t just stock solutions for machines supplied as part of the phs Wastekit solution. Instead, we offer a comprehensive range of different high-quality accessories for balers and compactors from a wide range of brands. These universal options are designed to be the same high-quality option as your original manufacturer’s accessories. For businesses looking to stock up on certain items, such as baling wire, compactor sacks or specific tools, we have everything in stock for you right here, right now.

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Baler Accessories

Our range of different baler accessories come in many shapes, sizes and styles to suit the exact needs of your baler and your business. Each is designed to work beyond the versatile brands that are supplied by us, and work universally with other branded balers on the market. Whether you’re looking for something specific, or you’d like to stock up, we’ve got it all here for you. Our range of baler accessories for phs Wastekit and other models includes:

Compactor Accessories

In addition to a range of different accessories for balers, at phs Wastekit we also stock accessories for use with compactors. These are designed to be functional both for our approved manufacturers and for others on the market, with the same high quality you’d expect from our brand. Accessories available for phs Wastekit compactors and other brands are:

Compactor Sacks

Heavy-duty, robust and tear-resistant, our compactor sacks are designed to withstand even the heaviest of waste, allowing for the careful storage and secure transportation of compacted materials for disposal. Available in black and clear, we stock a range of sizes and amounts to suit your specific business needs.

Engineer Servicing Baler
Compactor Being Serviced


Alongside our accessories for both compactors and balers, we also stock a series of different useful tools to improve safety and support the use of our machinery. This includes universal twine forks suitable for many manufacturers, as well as wire tying tools and silver bale trolleys to improve the transport and handling of completed bales.

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