When waste materials can't be recycled, they must be placed in a general waste bin. This type of waste is produced by all businesses, and it is important to have a way to make efficient use of the space in the bins and skips you have. When bin bags are filling up your bins, it can quickly lead to overflowing which is unsanitary, inconvenient and expensive to have collected.

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Bin & bag compactors use high pressure to compress waste down to a smaller size in a safe and efficient manner. They are an elegant solution for businesses and organisations aiming to reap the following benefits:

  • Fit more waste in your wheelie bins and skips
  • Reduce the costs of your waste collection
  • Free up some space outside your premises because you will need fewer wheelie bins

The main problem with your general waste is that there is lots of air trapped in the bags, and they are all irregular shapes. This means the space inside the bins is not used efficiently, with small quantities of bags in each bin trapping large amounts of air. Effectively, you need to use more wheelie bins, resulting in higher costs for waste collection when a large proportion of what's being collected is just air!

We offer bin & bag compactors to assist with the efficient disposal of general waste. With different load capacities, our compactors will crush down your black bin bags, decreasing them to as much as one-tenth of their original size. If you want a standalone compactor that has a minimal footprint and portability features, our bag compactor is a great solution. Simply insert the full bin bag and the compactor will press it down to size so that you can remove it and put it into the bin.

Our bin compactor is a more static alternative, providing a large bin with a built-in compactor. Simply put your bags into the compactor and activate the crushing plate - your waste will be compressed and there will be no need to remove it and place it in another bin. This is an excellent solution for businesses that create large amounts of food-related waste like hotels or restaurants.

We also offer a glass bottle crusher that can crush up to 680 bottles in just 10 minutes to compress empty bottles for easy disposal. An excellent solution for bars, hotels, restaurants and event venues, the volume of the glass is reduced by a ratio of 5:1, making it easier and more efficient to be made ready for collection.

In a world where the impact of our waste is becoming an increasingly important issue, businesses must ensure that there waste disposal is as efficient as possible. With one of our bin & bag compactors, you can improve your waste disposal to reduce costs and minimise the environmental impact of your waste collections. It's a simple and elegant solution that will make day to day operations at your business more streamlined and simple.

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