How phs Wastekit are going the extra mile to help you better manage your business waste

Waste is a significant cost for businesses each year, both in terms of their environmental friendliness and the money they spend on waste disposal. This is why here at phs Wastekit, we work with clients across the UK to reassess their current waste management processes, helping them to reduce the volume of waste they dispose of and ensure as much of this is being recycled as possible.

Naturally, anything that can’t be recycled goes to landfill, and this commands higher taxes and other charges due to its disposal method. Fortunately, to reduce the cost implication to your company, there are a range of things that can be implemented to help improve waste management and disposal.

Take a look a how using a waste management service alongside improved internal processes can boost your green credentials and save your company money in the long-term.

Ways to reduce waste and manage costs

Waste management is a vital aspect of everyday business operations and looking at how it is run can often highlight areas of improvement and cost saving. The type of equipment and procedures you require is individual to each business, and considering a Waste Saving Audit of your internal processes and waste requirements can help lower your disposal costs and volume of waste.

At phs Wastekit, our Wastesaving Audit involves a free site survey and bespoke consultation to help you discover what waste disposal savings you can make.

Solutions to improve your waste management processes

After a consultation with us, there may be some areas that you’d like to trial to see how they could work in your business. phs Wastekit has a selection of innovative equipment, including waste compactors and balers that can assist in reducing your waste volume. No matter the size of your company, there is a solution suited to your needs, and the type of equipment you might need will be detailed in your audit to help you save time and money. 

This comprehensive review identifies areas that could be improved and how this can be achieved, for example, by investing in a waste baler or compactor. It also advises you on the potential opportunities to make money from your recyclable materials.


phs Wastekit can provide a host of waste management solutions, including full-service agreements, to accessories and parts for your existing equipment. Take a look at how this could be beneficial for your organisation.

Cost and time savings

A baler doesn’t just save you time by segregating different waste materials for you (such as plastic and cardboard), it also gives you the opportunity to earn money from your baled waste materials by selling it to recycling companies. At phs Wastekit, we work with many recycling companies across the UK to ensure you get the right price for your recyclables.

Waste balers and compactors also reduce the volume of waste being sent to landfill, which help you save considerably on your landfill tax costs if you’re a business that produces a large volume of waste.

Full-service solutions

Compactors and baling equipment is available to lease or buy with installation from phs Wastekit. We can also provide full maintenance packages, which offer a fast and expert service to assist with repairs, parts and general servicing needs. Our team is also on hand to provide training on baling and compactor equipment so that your employees can work safely and effectively with the machinery. 

Baling tools and accessories

If you currently have a compactor or baler, we also have a selection of accessories for a cost-effective consumable solution. You’ll find everything from baling twine to strapping, and compactor sacks and bale trolleys, all universally designed to fit most models of waste management machinery.

Environmental credentials

Considering a fully managed solution from phs Wastekit can help to bring disposal costs down in your company. Our service plans also assist in reducing your company’s carbon footprint and help you change the way you think about waste and its disposal. For advice and to book a free Waste Saving Audit, contact us today.

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