Factors To Consider When Choosing A Waste Baler Or Compactor

Waste management is an important subject in the UK. The UK Government has set out targets to recycle 65% of municipal waste by 2035, which includes waste collected from businesses and organisations. 

It’s important for businesses and organisations to play their part in recycling and disposing of waste responsibly. Setting new targets and adapting your processes can maximise the amount you recycle and help you run a greener, more sustainable organisation. 

Using waste balers and compactors can help improve the way you tackle waste on your premises. Each machine works by compacting waste to make it more manageable to dispose of, saving space and helping you recycle more. But which do you need for your business?

Here are some factors to consider when choosing a waste baler or compactor.

What is a bag compactor?

A bag compactor can help you compact your non-recyclable waste to make disposable easier. They can make dealing with waste more hygienic and help you save money on waste collection.  

They work by compacting bags of waste into manageable containers that can be put into larger waste collection bins or bags. 

Do you need a bag compactor?  

A bag compactor can be very useful if you deal with a lot of non-recyclable waste. They can make light work of compacting your waste and adhering to waste management compliance measures.  

Businesses and organisations that pay for waste disposal can save money by compacting their waste, making a compactor a useful investment for businesses.

Choosing the size for your compactor 

As with balers, there are different bag compactor sizes to suit different needs. Small businesses and organisations can benefit from small compactors that fit easily with your floor space 

Check out phs Wastekit’s compactor range for more information about our sizes. 

Boost your recycling with a waste baler 

What is a waste baler? 

Waste balers are designed to compact waste, making it easier to remove by waste collectors. They’re used by businesses and organisations to make it easier to recycle plastic, cardboard and other types of waste. Balers have a lot of benefits for the environment, as well as being space-saving.  

A waste baler can be a useful piece of equipment for improving the way you recycle.  With a baler, you won’t have to deal with piles and piles of cardboard and plastic waste, and can compact it into neat and manageable piles instead.  

Some things to consider when choosing a waste baler include:

What type of baler do you need? 

Balers are capable of compressing cardboard, plastic and metal. Heavy-duty balers are capable of compacting multiple materials, while lighter weight or smaller balers are best suited to compacting plastic and cardboard.  

The type of baler you need will depend on how much plastic, cardboard and metal waste you have. Some locations may need multiple types of balers to deal with all waste types on-site.

Choosing the size for your baler 

Balers also come in different sizes, allowing you to choose an appropriate baler to suit your needs. A small baler can be useful for a small business with limited floor space, while larger balers are more suitable for buildings and warehouses that handle larger volumes of waste.  

Explore cardboard and plastic balers to explore dimensions and sizes to help you decide on the right size baler for your needs.  

Choosing the right compactor or baler for your company

Waste balers and compactors are suitable for all sizes of organisation. Considering the space you have available in your premises, and how much waste you generally dispose of, will help you decide on the type of equipment you need.

Whether you’re looking for a small wheelie bin compactor or a large compactor to manage manufacturing waste, there are a number of options suitable for any environment.

Types of baler:

Balers and Compactor Hire: A cost-effective solution

Budget is a significant factor for businesses looking to improve their waste management processes. This cost to your organisation should factor in the overall purchase price and on-going maintenance based on your requirements.

For some companies, rental options may be preferred to manage cash flow. Waste Compactor and Baler rental is a cost-effective way to improve your waste management process. At phs Wastekit, we offer compactor and baler hire options for customers looking to make savings in the long term in both waste management processes and disposal.

Buying a baler means you can benefit from a custom service, as well as follow-on maintenance and repair if needed as part of your purchase. The UK government has recently announced a tax relief initiative that will allow businesses who pay corporation tax to claim back 130% of the cost of a new baler or compactor. You can read more about this on our blog 

Turn your waste into cash by selling it

After exploring the many benefits and features of waste balers and compactors, you can see the difference it can make to your waste management practices. While compacting your waste can make it easier to recycle, helping you reduce your carbon footprint, it can also make your business money.

Demand for materials such as cardboard is increasing, meaning business can sell cardboard, plastic, metal and more to help offset other business costs and reduce the cost of your waste management. Working with companies who collect waste and sell it on can make it easy to make money from selling cardboard and more, helping your business make additional revenue without increasing time or resources.

 In the future, households will be able to earn money by recycling their used bottles and cans. The UK Government is set to launch the Deposit Return Scheme in 2025 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and will be used to help increase the rate of recycled drink containers from 70% to 85% within three years of its launch. Types of waste that can be recycled There are various types of waste that can be recycled for money, including:

  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Metals
  • Glass
  • Plastic

By taking a different approach to how you dispose of cardboard boxes or store your plastic waste, you could work smarter, not harder with your waste management practices. You will need to follow relevant guidance to ensure your waste is stored and recycled carefully to ensure it retains its maximum value in the eyes of sellers.

The money you can make from selling waste will vary, so it’s important to assess the potential value of your waste and compare prices with different buyers to find the best deal for your business.  

Simplify your waste management process

Our  free Waste Saving Audit is designed to give you a clear understanding of the way your business currently handles its waste disposal, while identifying opportunities for improvement and ways to cut costs. The audit will also give you the opportunity to trial our recommended baler solution.

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