phs wastekit BB06 Glass compactor

Glass Crusher

Glass crushers are used throughout the hospitality sector.

The BB06 glass crusher can crush 680 bottles in 10 minutes and offers a compact and efficient solution to businesses that need to dispose of empty bottles.

This bin compactor is designed to fit a wheeled bin. The bin is wheeled into place and the crushing plate compacts the waste within, without having to remove it from the container.

Ideal for: Businesses that produce large volumes of bottle such as hotel, bars, restaurants, events and venues


  • Patented technology
  • Reduces glass to cullet size
  • Rated throughput over 2 tons per hour
  • Extraction system filters fine dust created during crushing
  • Heavy duty construction

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  • Reduces bottle volume by 5:1
  • Extraction system filters fine dust created
    during crushing
  • High volume, easy feed machine
  • Low noise and energy efficient
  • Small machine footprint
  • Mobile for ease of movement

Technical Data

  • Capacity - 680 bottles in 10 mins
  • Noise Level - < 72db
  • Machine Weight - 158kg
  • Voltage - 1 phase, 230V, 50Hz


  • Width - 1020mm
  • Depth - 830mm
  • Height - 1830mm


  • Wheelie Bin - Standard 120 or 150l