phs Wastekit Case Study: Framptons sees 20% volume boost with phs Wastekit machine

Date: November 2021

The challenge

As it grew into one of the UK’s leading liquid food and beverage specialists, Framptons made a commitment to develop its business sustainably. That commitment included recycling 100% of the waste produced on site.

The Solution

To achieve its goals, Framptons needed the best equipment. phs Wastekit worked with the team at Framptons to provide a new WK2000 portable compactor, which allowed Framptons to compact over 20% more waste at a time, increasing capacity from around 6,000kgs to 7,500kgs a week. This has not only reduced the number of trips needed to collect waste, in turn reducing carbon emissions and costs, it has also increased the volume of waste which Framptons can recycle every week.



phs Wastekit offers servicing as well as supplying high quality baler and compactor machines for rent or purchase

Maintenance and waste removal

Across the UK as well as partnerships with recycling companies to support customers

Free Waste Saving Audit

And a free trial of a baler or compactor to businesses to see how much they could save without any obligation

The Client

Not only has phs Wastekit’s compactor allowed us to increase the volume we can recycle, but it is also much more reliable, reducing any downtime. We are a fast-paced business working in the food and drink industry, so we need all of our equipment to be reliable and efficient. In the past few years, we are pleased to have reduced our carbon footprint significantly Having partners like phs Wastekit on board allows us access to the latest technology to ensure we continue to reduce that figure.



It’s really encouraging to see a company like Framptons taking its environmental impact so seriously. Dan and the team have spent so much time looking at every aspect of the day-to-day running of the business to find ways to make improvements, including analysing their waste streams and processes.

Unfortunately, that can be an area many businesses overlook. Waste streams are not only a good place to look to start reducing your environmental impact – they can offer cost savings too. Businesses need to assess their ancillary costs in the same way as they do their core costs. A simple cost benefit analysis will quickly show up unnecessary waste costs and ways to generate revenue or reduce costs. There are almost always savings to be made in our experience, whether it’s reducing the labour costs associated with waste management, or cutting down waste collections and transport costs as Framptons has.

Our experienced and professional team at phs Wastekit can advise customers on ways to streamline their waste processes, reduce costs and improve their environmental performance, whatever size their business is.


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