Beyond Recycling Bins: What Can Your Business Do To Cut Down On Waste

Businesses across the UK are at work implementing ways to reduce waste, helping to meet sustainability targets set out by the UK government, while also meeting their own internal targets. 

Recycling bins have been one of the simplest ways for businesses to cut back on waste, ensuring cardboard, plastic, paper and metal waste is effectively recycled in offices and workplaces across the UK. But with most people in the habit of using recycling bins, what else can be done to cut down on waste? 

Go beyond recycling bins and take a look at some of the other ways your business can reduce its waste and help the environment. 

Why recycling alone just doesn’t cut it 

It’s great that businesses have implemented recycling bins in the workplace. They’re easy to use, they are familiar, and they help prevent recyclable goods from ending up in a landfill. 

But many people recycle items incorrectly. Soft plastics, such as film lids and food packaging can’t be recycled through standard recycling methods and must be handled separately to ensure they can be recycled properly. Many workplaces that use recycling bins may not have the time or the resources to ensure recycling is carried out properly, which could do more harm than good by the time it arrives at a recycling centre. 

Recycling bins are a great start for reducing waste, but if businesses want to commit to cutting their waste, they need to think of ways to cut back before it even reaches the recycling bin, as well as find ways to recycle more effectively where possible.  

Other ways to cut down on waste 

So, what can businesses do to reduce waste besides using recycling bins? Some of the most popular and effective waste-reducing methods include:  

Source eco-friendly materials 

Sourcing eco-friendly materials for your business is something that is becoming easier and more affordable. These can include basic workplace items such as cups, cutlery, and cleaning products. Being more selective about the products you choose from your suppliers can make a big difference to your levels of waste. 

Limit the use of single-use products in the workplace 

There is a growing focus on reusable products for both domestic and commercial use. Single-use products, even recyclable ones, still have an impact on the environment, and by switching to reusable products, you could reduce your waste volume significantly. Why not invest in refillable water bottles for your employees and consider other multi-use items that will reduce your waste impact while encouraging your employees to think differently about their own habits and the products they use? 

Look for alternative forms of packaging 

Packaging waste can make up a significant proportion of waste disposed of by businesses and organisations. How can you cut back? Where possible, move away from non-recyclable packaging and consider sourcing from suppliers who use recyclable cardboard and plastic that can be baled and recycled easily using a waste baler.  

Educate your employees 

Adapting your workplace policies to encourage better recycling practices from employees could also help reduce your business’ volume of waste. From encouraging them to make the most of the facilities provided to encouraging the use of reusable items, providing some education could make a big difference in how your staff view recycling. 

Keep your policies clear and up to date 

There are constant developments in the world of recycling and sustainability, which is why it’s important for your business to monitor the latest news and guidance to see how it can continue to evolve its policies. Any changes in guidance should be communicated to employees, and using signage and intranet pages to remind of these changes can help ensure these new policies are implemented quickly and correctly.  

Improve your recycling with waste balers 

While using recycling bins can help you sort and dispose of your recycling easily, there is one way you can improve your recycling practices – and that’s using a waste baler. A waste baler has several benefits, including: 

Reduce the volume of waste you dispose of 

Waste balers, including cardboard balers and plastic balers, are ideal for reducing your overall volume of waste. They can compact it down to help make it easier to manage, leaving you with bales of recycled material that can be collected easily. 

Save space, and time 

As bailing machines are designed to compact your waste, you’ll find that your waste management becomes easier as your recycling will now take up less space than before. Waste compactors are easy and quick to use, making light work of your recycling. 

Cut your waste management costs 

With the help of a baler, you can help reduce your waste management costs. Your collections will become fewer, helping you enjoy some significant savings each year. With your waste organised into manageable bales, you could even make money from cardboard waste and other recyclable waste to help offset some of your other business costs. 

Buy or rent waste balers from phs Wastekit 

At phs Wastekit, you can benefit from one of our free WasteSaving audits to help your business or organisation cut back on its waste. From finding ways to save money to using a waste baler to make your waste easier to manage, we’ll provide you with solutions that can make a difference. Explore our range of cardboard and plastic balers and go beyond the recycling bin to improve the way you recycle your waste.  

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