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As key workers, the team at phs Wastekit continue to provide national coverage during these uncertain times. This has allowed the team to easily identify what support they can provide businesses, across all sectors, to help get them back onto their feet.

At phs Wastekit, we are dedicated to helping businesses bring down the cost of their waste disposal in a way that complies with UK laws and is environmentally friendly.

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Easy Way To Save Money

An Easy Way to save Money

We understand that all industries are currently facing unprecedented financial strain. But many businesses still don’t know that effective waste management is a quick way to save money.

Waste often takes up much more space than it needs to. A lot of air can get trapped in black bags, and loose carboard can cause skips to overflow while taking up an excessive amount of floorage.

Our Baler and Compactor machine solutions work to make this waste as small as possible. This can significantly reduce the amount of waste you send to landfill - instantly saving money on landfill costs. The compact size of the waste and Balers will also allow you to reclaim valuable space that could prove vital in keeping your workers at a safe distance from each other.

A bonus of producing compacted waste is that many materials, such as carboard, can be sold on to other businesses. This money can then be re-invested into other areas of your business.

phs Wastekit are currently offering Balers and Compactors on a short-term rental basis to support businesses that are struggling financially. There are several models of balers and compacters available, all designed to suit different needs, including carboard, plastic, general and food.

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How Do I Know What’s Best for My Business?

To easily identify the best option for your business, phs Wastekit are offering a free Waste Saving Audit. The Audit is designed to give you a clear and concise view of the way your business currently handles its waste disposal. It will identify ways for you to cut costs, save time, and improve your carbon footprint.

Our online recommendation tool can also be used to identify what products can help you.

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Wastekit Can Make Life Simple

To make life as easy as possible for customers, phs Wastekit offer a wide range of waste related consumable products and accessories.

Our one-stop accessories shop offers, trolleys, twine, wire ties, strapping and compactor sacks. These high-quality products are designed for use with all makes of balers and compactors and can be delivered at a frequency of your choosing.

Service and maintenance plans are also available to make ongoing use of balers and compactors as stress free as possible for your business. We offer rapid response coverage across the UK and our dedicated customer service team are always ready to help.

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