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As every business owner working in the hospitality sector is well aware, efficient waste management is a fundamental part of running a successful establishment. To ensure that your restaurant, café or bar runs smoothly, you need waste to be shifted from your premises steadily and in a timely fashion.

Traditionally, hospitality establishments packed waste products into unsorted containers that could be emptied on a regular basis. This method, however, is relatively inefficient and costly. Unsorted plastic and cardboard materials have the potential to attract pests and also represent a fire hazard. Waste disposal costs have also risen sharply and are costing hospitality establishments a significant amount of money.

Fortunately, there are effective alternatives. Waste baling is a method of compacting waste materials into manageable bales that can be stored easily and economically before removal. These bales represent a versatile waste management option for a variety of businesses such as hotels and restaurants and can even be sold on for a profit.


How Can I Bale My Establishment’s Waste

This is where phs Wastekit comes in. We offer waste management equipment that can compact and bale your waste safely and efficiently at source in a way that complies with relevant legislation.

We appreciate the fact that you need to focus on offering a high level of customer service in order to stay profitable and maintain a loyal customer base. You simply do not have the time to be handling high volumes of waste on a daily basis.

By opting for phs Wastekit equipment, therefore, you can deal with the pesky problem of waste quickly and efficiently, allowing you to channel your energies into what you do best.

What Are the Benefits of phs Wastekit's Waste Handling Equipment?

There are plenty of reasons to invest in waste baling equipment including:

Reduce Landfill Tax Costs

Landfill tax represents a major expenditure for many businesses and has seen cost increases in recent years. Opting for a baler will significantly reduce the volume of general waste you end up adding to landfills and can cut the amount of tax you need to pay.

Recycle More of Your Waste

Baling machines allow you to sort recyclable materials much more easily and quickly. Rather than having piles of separate cardboard and plastics lingering around your premises, you can pack them up into bales for convenient recycling.

Make Money From Baled Waste

Certain types of baled waste such as baled plastics can become saleable commodities. Rather than representing a mere burden on your business operations, therefore, waste can be turned into profit.

Help Work Towards Your ISO 14001 Accreditation

This international accreditation will demonstrate that your business uses an effective environmental management system. It could represent a boon to your business as it will demonstrate that you care about maintaining a healthy environment for your workers and customers.

Fewer Bins Needed

Our waste management equipment will help you to cut down on the number of unsightly bins you need to install around your premises.

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