Bisset Waste Management Ltd provides a full range of uplift and recycling services to meet commercial needs throughout Edinburgh and the Lothian region.

As a responsible business, Bisset strives to ensure that their customers’ waste streams are handled in an environmentally friendly manner, diverting as much waste from landfill as possible.
Thousands of weekly collections are made to service the multiple waste needs of Bisset’s customers, after which, waste is segregated and processed in accordance with all relevant environmental regulations. Bisset’s professional and experienced staff are available at any point in the disposal process to advise businesses how to best meet their waste and environmental obligations, and demonstrate their corporate social responsibility.

The Challenge

Bisset had initially used a manual compactor to reduce cardboard waste into easy-to-handle bales. As the business grew, they introduced a second-hand, semi-automatic baler. To maintain their commitment to recycling and offset the disposal costs Bisset sought to produce bales that could be presented to market for recycling.

Unfortunately, the existing machine was unreliable and required regular engineering visits. It was also failing to produce bales of the correct size and weight to achieve full market value.

Stuart Bisset, Operations Director at Bisset Waste Management Ltd, communicated his concerns and objectives to phs Wastekit, the UK’s leading and most comprehensive provider of Balers and compactors.

massive green cardboard compactor installed by phs wastekit enginerrs

The Solution

phs Wastekit Account Manager, Jennifer Williamson, stepped in to assess the full requirements at Bisset’s own processing depot near Leith.
After evaluating the working area and the waste volumes involved, Jennifer was able to recommend equipment that would allow Bisset to obtain a good price for its product.
In seeking out an appropriate baler, Jennifer also ensured that the potential monetary gain from marketing the baled cardboard would outweigh the cost of the machine rental.
A mill-sized semi-automatic horizontal baler was installed by phs Wastekit and Bisset’s operators were instructed on its use. Throughout the process and during its early use, phs Wastekit engineers were on hand to install and train all site employees with the new equipment.

The Benefits

Bisset is now creating cardboard bales of much improved density and size, enabling an increased market return of up to a third. Operatives at Bisset have found phs Wastekit’s mill-sized semi-automatic horizontal baler simpler to operate, thanks to improved layout of the controls and a greater capacity compared to previous machines.
Efficiency is improved and workers feel confident and safe.

Cardboard waste is dealt with swiftly and easily, reducing space required for storage before compaction. More efficient cardboard compacting and recycling supports ISO 14000/1 environmental management standards, therefore demonstrating Bisset’s green credentials and making the waste management company more attractive to potential customers.

Since the baler is employed on a rental basis, Bisset will benefit from regular servicing of the machine and can call on phs Wastekit for any intermediate maintenance requirements.

The possibility to increase capacity by upgrading or adding an additional baler is available at any time – a valuable option for Bisset as the business grows and goes from strength to strength.

large green compactor next to a pile of cardboard boxes

The Reaction

"phs Wastekit shares Bisset’s attitude towards responsible disposal and recycling so using them as a supplier compliments our own services. The new baler allows our staff to work more quickly, efficiently and safely, keeping machine downtime to a minimum. This allows our management to more confidently plan output quotas and increase our intake of unprocessed waste.
We are delighted that we are now able to achieve appropriate payment for Bisset’s baled cardboard and positively promote this particular service to our customers."


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