Busy Birmingham bar reaps benefits of baler

Our baling machines have a wide range of applications in sectors including retail, manufacturing, processing, education and hospitality to name a few. They range from smaller models that are ideal for independent businesses, to larger machines that are capable of processing tonnes of waste every hour, freeing up valuable floor space and reducing waste disposal costs by up to 90%.

We recently installed a Baby Jaws glass crushing machine in one of Birmingham’s most popular bars. Find out more in the case study below:

Industry: Bars and nightclubs

Product: Baby Jaws glass crusher

phs wastekit baby jaws glass crusher installation

The problem: Missing Bar came to us because they needed a more efficient way of handling their large amounts of recyclable glass waste. With limited space behind the bar being taken up by bags of empty bottles and staff having to carry the bags out to the recycling bins several times a day, they needed a better solution.     

The solution: After visiting Missing Bar and chatting to the team, one of our Account Managers recommended the Baby Jaws glass crushing machine. A great space-saver, the Baby Jaws is quick and easy to use, doesn’t take up a lot of floor space and can fit neatly behind a bar in pubs and restaurants. The Baby Jaws is capable of crushing bottles of all sizes and is large enough to hold 90 glass bottles.

phs wastekit glass crusher installation wastekit technician testing crusher

The results: Since installing the Baby Jaws machine, the team at Missing Bar are taking glass out to the recycling bins three times less than before, giving them more time to serve customers. As the floor space behind the bar isn’t taken up by bulky bottles, the team can also enjoy increased floor space and a neater working environment.

Lewis, from Missing Bar, commented: “As a business, we have seen more benefits than we had originally expected which is great! The Baby Jaws machine has been a great help to us and I would recommend it to any bars, restaurants or hotels, and the customer support we have had from PHS Wastekit since installing the machine has been brilliant.”

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