PHS Wastekit Case Studies

Aeronautical & General Instruments Limited cuts waste costs by 50%

Peter Carter, Health and Safety Manager at Aeronautical & General Instruments contacted PHS Wastekit to look at ways to reduce their waste and save costs.  Tracy Webster from PHS Wastekit was tasked to find a solution to the company's needs. Tracy recommended installing a PHS Wastekit 5030 Compactor and 3115 Baler.

Peter Carter commented "on a monetary scale, by using both machines, we have cut our waste bill by a staggering 50%. That in itself is a good enough reason to go for it. But there is more, the reduction in the number of pickups by our waste contractor is greatly reduced which lowers our associated carbon footprint". He continued "We can sell the baled cardboard and help to fund the machine rentals which lowers our waste bill even more. Other advantages are an increase in the cleanliness of areas within our premises by the speedy removal of waste".

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