Why A Small Baler Might Be Ideal For Your Business? 

One of the simplest ways to help the environment is through recycling. Recycling benefits the environment in many ways. Recycling prevents waste from ending up in landfills, and it helps our oceans and wildlife too.  

Recycling is a high priority for governments and environmental organisations across the UK, yet the latest figures show the recycling rate for waste from home decreased in all UK countries in 2020 except Wales. It is estimated that the UK generated 43.9 million tonnes of commercial and industrial (C&I) waste in 2018, with commercial waste increasing in recent years.  

Businesses can play their part by implementing strict recycling policies and setting waste targets. Using products like balers can help you handle your waste management effectively, freeing up space and making it easier to recycle more.  

Is a small baler ideal for your business? Let’s find out. 

The challenges of recycling in the workplace 

There are many challenges facing workplaces as they look to recycle more and waste less. Some of these challenges include: 

  • A lack of interest/awareness from employees. 
  • Additional waste ending up in recycling by mistake. 
  • Using too many non-recyclable supplies and packaging. 
  • A lack of storage or facilities to make recycling easier.  

While some of these obstacles need to be dealt with on a deeper organisational level, there is a solution to the lack of storage or facilities to make recycling easier. The solution is a baler.  

How does a baler work? 

A baler is a unit that allows you to store and compress your recycling. Not only does this make it easier to store your recycling, but you’ll be able to dispose of it easily.  

Balers work using simple mechanisms that make them a worthwhile investment for any workplace. Using a compact baler, you can load the materials for recycling into the top, where they will then be pressed down. A baler will allow you to fit far more than a conventional recycling bin - up to 10x more, helping to free up much-needed space, while keeping your workplace looking neat and organised.   

Where are balers suitable for? 

Balers are suitable for a range of work environments, including schools, hospitals, shops, hospitality, manufacturers and others. You could have a single baler or multiple balers, with balers available for cardboard, plastic and other recyclable materials.   

Balers are a fantastic alternative to recycling bins and crates. Even if you’re on a low budget, there is a baler to suit your needs. With balers, you can ease the stress of recycling and help your business do more.   

If you’ve never recycled before, investing in a baler could be just the thing you need to get you started. 

Where can you store a baler?  

There are different types of balers to accommodate different types of waste, including cardboard balers . Balers are also available in a range of sizes, so if you run a small company or have limited space, a small baler might be ideal for you. 

Balers can be stored in your office, a warehouse, stock room or any other suitable space. It’s helpful to have them stored somewhere people can access easily to make recycling more manageable.   

What are the benefits of using a baler in the workplace? 

Balers come with many benefits for the workplace, including: 

  • Boost your storage space to make your recycling more organised – no more piles of cardboard piling up in a corner!  
  • Keep your waste collection costs down. 
  • Save time through effective recycling processes. 
  • Make it easier for your business to reduce waste and achieve your recycling targets.  
  • Balers help improve your waste management processes so you can do more to help the environment. 

Improve your business’ recycling with phs Wastekit  

Recycling facts and figures highlight the need for businesses to do more to improve their recycling practices. Having strict recycling policies can help contribute to the government’s overall recycling targets and help create a sustainable future.  

phs Wastekit is committed to improving recycling rates and reducing waste. We provide a range of solutions to help make waste management in the workplace easier, allowing more of your waste to be recycled.  

Not only do we provide useful waste management products, but we can advise you on recycling practices and how you can improve your processes through our Wastesaving Audit . Our audit could help you: 

  • Save space 
  • Reduce waste 
  • Free up employee time 
  • Improve sustainability 

Contact phs Wastekit today  

Taking steps to improve your recycling practices will benefit your business, your customers and the wider world. Explore our product range to find the most appropriate solutions for your business needs. 

Need further information? Contact phs Wastekit today and together, we can do more to help the environment.  


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