Waste not, want not...

Can baling really reduce business costs?

By Lee Hill, Sales Director of PHS Wastekit

large green phs wastekit baler with compressed cardboard inside

There is no question that UK businesses are feeling the squeeze. Brexit, increased legislation and rising costs are putting businesses under mounting pressure - but many are missing obvious ways to reduce their costs and take the strain off their bottom line.

Compacting your waste is one of the fastest, most efficient ways of reducing a business' costs. In fact, it can save up to 90% on waste disposal costs.

By physically reducing the size of your cardboard, plastics and general waste, you can instantly reduce the number of waste collections you need.

And that’s not all. Many businesses are now selling their compacted, baled recyclables and generating an additional revenue stream to boot. Cardboard is now a real commodity.

Having a baler or compactor means that your waste is neatly and easily compacted into a manageable bale, reducing processing costs for recycling companies who will then pay you more for your recyclables in return.

In troubling times, it’s easy to only think of the short term, about how to get through each day, but investing in a baler or compactor offers a quick return on investment and the possibility of huge long term gains that will make genuine cost savings, which can be ploughed back into the business.

phs wastkite green baler with a cardboard bale sat in front of the baler

Lee’s top 5 reasons to invest in a baler or compactor:

1. Save you up to 90% of your waste disposal costs

2. Keeps your premises tidier, using less space than bins, reducing health and safety risks

3. Achieve recycling targets and stay compliant in a costs effective and simple way

4. Reduced number of waste collections

5. Potentially provides a new revenue stream for your business by selling your recyclables

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