Waste Management Can Help Fashion Businesses Reach Sustainability Goals

The latest progress report from the Textiles 2030 UK Sustainable Textiles Action Plan has found that an increase in production could be negatively impacting other attempts to reduce carbon footprints within the fashion industry*.

As a result of more clothes being manufactured, more packaging is also required. This means that large amounts of plastic and cardboard waste are being produced in the supply chain of fashion businesses. Covering everything from fabrics being sent to manufacturers, to clothing being shipped to their final point of sale.

How can businesses better manage packaging waste?

Effective waste management is a quick and easy way to save money and space. However, research by phs Wastekit found that a lack of understanding around waste management could be costing retail businesses, including clothes shops, thousands of pounds every year**. The same survey also found that 20% of businesses in the retail sector are not using any waste management machinery.

Case study: Discover how Bangla Station used a baler to compress and manage cardboard waste
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By adding a baler or compactor to waste management processes, businesses in the fashion sector can work more sustainably by making it easier to recycle and separate waste.

Using a baler or compactor will also significantly reduce the volume of your waste. By reducing waste volume, you will also reduce waste disposal costs and transport costs; working to improve your businesses environmental performance.

Using waste management equipment is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways for businesses in any sector to work towards their recycling and wider-sustainably goals.

The benefits of using a baler or compactor to manage your waste:

·       Boost recycling rates by easily separating waste

·       Compress large volumes of waste into a manageable size

·       Reduce the amount of waste your business sends to landfill

·       Allows for easier waste storage to create a tidy working environment

Tailored waste management solutions for the Fashion sector

At phs Wastekit, our baler and compactor machines are designed to fit seamlessly into the operations of any business. They’re easy to use and have gone through a stringent quality control process to make sure they’re sturdy and reliable.

Our nationwide team of engineers are based across the whole of the UK, so we’ll always be on hand when you need us, for waste audits, waste disposal services, and anything else you need to keep your business efficient and sustainable.

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Free expert advice is always on offer from phs Wastekit.  Our Wastesaving Audit is a great way for you to understand your current ways of working, while identifying areas for improvement.

The phs Wastekit Wastesaving audit has three simple steps:

Our waste management audit experts will work with you to choose the perfect baler or compactor for your business. As the UK's leader when it comes to conducting a waste audit, phs Wastekit are also experienced with government contracts and can carry out school and hospital waste audits.

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*textiles-2030-annual-progress-report-2022-23.pdf (wrap.org.uk)

**The phs Wastekit survey questioned over 200 decision makers in key sectors across the UK in December 2022. 

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