Waste Crushers - saving you money on waste disposal

With 2014 around the corner you may already be thinking about New Year’s resolutions, and cutting back on business spend could well be on the list. At PHS Wastekit we know that streamlining your waste disposal process is a great way to start pinching the pennies, and luckily we have the perfect solution to help you: waste crushers.

Throwing money away

If you produce waste in your business then you are probably spending what would seem an absurd amount of money to have it collected on a regular basis. We completely agree: a report released in August showed that UK organisations shell out millions of pounds every year just to dispose of their black bin bags. But unfortunately, black bag waste (waste which cannot be recycled) often takes up a lot of space, and with most waste collection companies charging per bin collection, all that extra air in the bags is simply pushing the cost higher and higher.

Waste not, want not

That’s why at PHS Wastekit, we have the ideal way to start reducing the number of bins that you have to pay for. Our aptly named ‘waste crushers’ are designed to compact waste using high pressure, getting rid of all the extra air so that the rubbish takes up less room. As a result of using a waste crusher you will be able to fit more black bags in your bins, reducing the number of collections that you need to pay a waste disposal company for. Long term, this will significantly lower your outgoing costs. And in the short term, installing a waste crusher will help keep the Health and Safety officer off your back- waste crushers keep your rubbish neat and tidy onsite, which not only makes your workspace safer and more appealing to visitors, but also frees up outdoor areas.

More choice

Of course, not all businesses have the same needs when it comes to waste crushers, so we offer two different types of machine to help fit a variety of requirements and budgets. The 5030 is a small bag crusher, ideal for low volume waste producers. For larger volumes, the 4110 bin compactor compacts waste within a wheeled bin, enabling minimal manual handling. So with a reduced number of bins, fewer costly collections, and a neat and tidy site, waste crushers could be the ideal way for you to start saving your business money in 2014.

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