The Role Of Cardboard Balers In Waste Audit

Waste management is an increasing concern for businesses and organisations looking to improve their sustainability efforts. With ambitious government targets and pressure from consumers, businesses need to look at innovative solutions to reduce their carbon footprint and maximise efficiency.  

A waste audit can provide a business with some insight into the effectiveness of their current waste management efforts, while outlining the improvements that can be made to see even better results. Cardboard balers are just one of the solutions that can help businesses streamline waste management processes, reduce costs and promote sustainability.  

Learn more about cardboard balers and their role in waste audits.  

What are waste audits? 

A waste audit is a process that helps give you a clear view of the way that your business manages its waste. It’s an effective way of establishing the effectiveness of your current processes, and what can be done to improve things. By conducting a waste audit, you can identify areas to help free up time, reduce waste, save money and most importantly, improve sustainability. 

phs Wastekit provides a free waste-saving audit, giving your business the boost it needs to improve its waste management. 

The importance of cardboard balers 

A waste audit may reveal areas for improvement in the way you recycle. Using cardboard balers is one way to reduce waste, helping you compress large volumes of cardboard waste and make them easier to manage. Cardboard balers benefit the waste audit process in several ways, including: 

More effective waste reduction and recycling 

While paper and cardboard recycling rates currently sit at 70.6%, there is still more that can be done to improve cardboard waste and recycling. Cardboard balers make it easy for businesses to reduce the volume of cardboard waste generated, compacting it into dense bales that are easy to store and collect.  

Cardboard balers are easy to use and are available in different sizes and models to allow for both portable and fixed use, giving businesses the flexibility to meet their recycling needs. 

Streamlined sorting processes 

Waste balers and compactors are designed to be used with specific materials, making it vital for waste to be sorted correctly to ensure it can be compacted properly. Separating cardboard waste from other products helps identify the true volume of cardboard being recycled, allowing for more accurate recommendations from the waste audit process.  

Using a baler going forward will help enforce strict recycling processes to ensure waste is correctly sorted. 

Cost savings 

Efficient waste management can lead to significant savings for businesses. Compacting your waste will reduce the number of collections needed, while also helping you handle your waste storage more effectively.  

It’s also possible to make money from cardboard waste. The price of cardboard has increased in recent years, meaning selling your cardboard could help your business offset some of its other costs, including those associated with waste management. 

Improved sustainability 

Cardboard balers can contribute to a company’s sustainability goals, promoting recycling and helping to reduce landfill waste. As cardboard is highly recyclable, businesses that deal with high volumes of cardboard packaging can use balers to their advantage and improve their recycling targets. Compacting cardboard waste allows it to enter the circular economy, ensuring it can be used by others and reduce its carbon footprint.  

Integrating a cardboard baler into your waste management process 

1. Choose the right baler for your needs. There are different cardboard balers to choose from to help you find a suitable solution.

2. Train your staff on how to use the baler safely and correctly.

3. Use waste audit professionals to help you further enhance your waste management efforts.

Monitor the impact of using a cardboard baler and continue to look for improvements.

5. Investigate other ways of handling and recycling your waste to help meet sustainability targets and reduce your carbon footprint

Get tailored waste-saving solutions with the phs Wastekit waste-saving audit 

Cardboard balers have a pivotal role in waste audits, providing a variety of benefits to businesses looking to streamline their waste management processes, reduce costs, and improve sustainability. With different baler types available to meet the size of your business or organisation, it’s a great time to give it a try. 

At phs Wastekit, we can supply waste balers to lease or buy, helping you take greater control of your cardboard recycling. We provide free waste-saving audits to help identify your recycling needs and can even provide a free trial of our balers to help you see the results for yourself. 

Find out more about cardboard balers by getting in touch with the phs Wastekit team today. 

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