Streamline your food manufacturing waste with a compactor

Waste often takes up much more space than it needs to in manufacturing environments. From packaging to general waste, a lot of air can get trapped in black bags, and loose carboard can cause skips to overflow while taking up an excessive amount of floor space.

By incorporating a compactor into your manufacturing operations, you can significantly reduce the amount of waste you send to landfill. While also reducing the amount of space the waste takes up in your premises.

The benefits of using a compactor:

>  Create a tidy and safe manufacturing environment.

>  Provides an easy way to hygienically handle and contain waste.

>  Helps drive on-site compliance, as machines can handle different waste streams.

>  Save money on landfill costs, and reduce the amount of floor space being used for waste disposal.

Compactors to support food manufactures

phs Wastekit offers a range of compactors, all available to rent or purchase. With optional service plans available to ensure your machine is always running safely and efficiently.


The WKHD3000 is a reliable and robust static compactor.  Offering enhanced safety features,  including low 24v operating controls and dual safety monitoring circuits. It can be customised with bin lifts or hoppers for easy feed.

  • 36 tonne compaction force
  • Stress engineered body
  • Auto-start function available as optional extra.
  • A range of hoppers available including bespoke features
  • Conforms to EN16500.


The WKP14 is a portable compactor with a small footprint. Providing an easy way to greatly reduce the volume of dry or sealed wet waste streams. The unit can be fully sealed to accommodate wet waste streams.

  • 34 tonne compaction force
  • 14-yard portable waste compactor
  • Gas-pressurised lid
  • A range of hoppers available including bespoke features
  • Conforms to EN16500.


The WKP32 is a portable compactor ideally suited for commercial and industrial waste streams. It requires a small footprint on-site, with a range of loading hoppers available.

  • 34 tonne compaction force
  • Retaining claws
  • Stress engineered body
  • A range of hoppers available including bespoke features
  • Conforms to EN16500.


phs Wastekit offers a wide range of waste related consumable products and accessories. From bailing twine to compactor sacks, you can order online when you need to restock or set up a recurring order.

Reclaim the cost of your compactor
A new tax relief initiative from UK government means phs Wastekit customers, who pay corporation tax, can claim back 130% of the cost of a new compactor. This tax relief super-deduction is available between 1 April 2021 to 31 March 2023.

This tax relief on plant and machinery is designed to help stimulate businesses by increasing the incentive for them to invest in new machinery. In turn, this new machinery will help businesses streamline operations and allow them to focus on growth.

Get in touch with the phs Wastekit team to discover how you can use this tax relief to improve your waste management operations. 


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