Five Reasons to Choose a Baler

If you run an organisation or business which requires a high level of waste disposal, then you should definitely consider investing in a baler. A baler is a piece of machinery which compacts your waste and turns it into bales which are easy to move and ready to recycle.

Improving recycling rates

When you have a lot of waste to dispose of and recycle, it can take a lot of hard work to manage. You will need to ensure that you have enough storage space to cope with it, as well as a workforce to handle it. With a baler, you can segregate your plastic and cardboard, meaning that the timely process of sifting and sorting your waste is cut down drastically, and your waste is neatly baled ready for collection by your recycling company.

Reducing waste collection costs

As well as making waste collection quicker and easier, a baler will also make it a lot cheaper. By segregating your recyclable waste away from the general waste, creating the compact bales of plastic, cardboard, paper or mental, there will be less general waste to dispose of, which means reduced costs. Compact bales of recyclable waste are attractive to recycling companies, who will most probably pay you for your waste.

Reducing Landfill Tax costs

Landfill Tax is calculated by the weight of the waste taken to a landfill site. The aim of this method of taxation is to encourage waste producers to try more environmentally friendly ways of eliminating their waste. One of the top ways to accomplish this is by recycling. By investing in a baler, you will find that it is incredibly easy to segregate your waste for recycling, which will mean you have far less to send to a landfill site. Thus, you will be saving a lot of money that could otherwise have been paid out in tax.

Keeping your waste neat and tidy

Nobody likes to have all of their indoor or outdoor space taken up by waste which is difficult and time consuming to move. Why would you? Balers are great a way for you to turn your waste products into compact blocks of recyclable waste which can be stacked, and therefore take up less space. When waste is neatly baled, it helps reduce the risk of rodent and insect infestation. Also, keeping your waste neatly baled will reduce the risk of trips and falls. Waste packaging is notorious for causing messy floors in warehouses, yards and workshops. Putting the waste into the baler as soon as it is produced will prevent it from being left on the floor.

Reducing manual handling of waste

All of the above factors will help you to drastically reduce the time and money spent on waste disposal. However, installing a waste baler, will also allow you to reduce the amount of manual handling required to manage your waste, and prepare it for disposal. Let the baler take the strain. Rather than having your staff manually carry, lift and flatten cardboard boxes, you can simply put them in your baler where they are crushed, without any strain from your staff.

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