Serious about helping the environment and the bottom line? Here is why you should explore waste balers and compactors

It is great when doing the right thing and making money can go hand in hand.  For many businesses, the benefits of having onsite waste balers or compactors allow them to do just this. These benefits range from ensuring your compliance with the UK’s legislation around correctly storing and disposing of waste, to reducing your waste disposal costs and helping your business earn money from your waste through recycling.

Investing in a waste baler or compactor can also make your business more eco-friendly and reduce its carbon footprint. This doesn’t just help you to meet your legal responsibility to prevent, reuse, recycle, or recover waste when it’s reasonable to do so; it could also do wonders for your reputation in today’s increasingly environmentally conscious world. as a matter of fact, a Unilever report (published in 2017) found that a third of consumers are now choosing to purchase from the brands they believe are doing “social or environmental good”.

Need more convincing on the countless benefits of waste balers and compactors for businesses? Here is phs Wastekit’s top 5 reasons to invest in one on your premises…

1. Improve recycling rates

Because waste balers effectively segregate different materials (such as cardboard, plastic and metals), investing in one for your premises will make it quicker and easier for your business to recycle its waste. This doesn’t just help you to reduce your environmental impact and fulfil your responsibility to recycle wherever possible; it also gives you an opportunity to make money from your waste, as many recycling companies will collect and pay for baled recyclable materials.

2. Reduce your carbon footprint

As well as encouraging your business to recycle more of its waste, another way that a waste compactor or baler can help you lower your carbon footprint is by reducing the frequency of waste collections to and from your premises. This is because your waste is baled or compacted into a smaller size, meaning it takes up less space in your building. According to statistics, 27% of greenhouse gas emissions in 2015 were from burning fossil fuels, such as those used for cars, lorries, and trains. 

3. Reduce your landfill tax costs

Landfill tax costs are based on the volume of waste your businesses sends to landfill, with the Standard Rate currently standing at £88.95 per tonne. Therefore, the more waste you recycle instead of sending to landfill, the less landfill tax your business has to pay each year. Additionally, your business can even make money from owning a waste baler, as baled cardboard, plastic, and other recyclable materials can be sold as a commodity to many recycling companies.

4. Keep your premises tidy

As waste balers and compactors reduce the volume of waste, they’re a great way of keeping premises tidy while using less floor space than bins and skips. This helps to ensure your premises look clean and presentable (which gives a good impression to potential customers), and reduces the risk of your staff and visitors tripping on piles of cardboard and plastics, and getting injured. As an employer, you have a legal obligation to ensure employees are others are kept safe on your premises.

5. Reduce manual handling equipment

Because they’re multi functional and easy to use, an additional benefit of investing in a waste baler or compactor is that they reduce the amount of manual handling equipment and bins in your building as these can be replaced with one baler or compactor. With compact, space-saving models of balers and compactors available (such as the V-Press 605 Eco and the 5030B Bag Compactor), this is a great option for premises with a limited amount of floor space.

To find out more about phs Wastekit’s range of waste balers and compactors and our purchase and rental options, contact us.

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