Saving Space from a Distance

Once again, we are preparing to return to our workplaces from another national lockdown and Facility Managers are only too aware of the plans that they must put in place to ensure a safe workspace. Whether your premises have been closed for the past few months, open to a skeleton staff or fully populated, the number of people entering your site will increase as we settle in to the ‘new normal’. So here’s how phs Wastekit’s waste handling solutions can help you to prepare.

As an FM, the Government mantra of ‘Hands, Face and Space’ will have particular relevance, providing a simple reminder for businesses to not only increase the frequency of cleaning procedures, but also provide opportunities for hand sanitisation and encourage the wearing of face coverings.

The issue of making space for social distancing is a little trickier. Unlike face masks and hand sanitiser, space can’t be bought and stored in a cupboard until needed. So, it’s more important than ever to be able to make the most of the space that you have by ensuring that nothing is cluttering up your warehouse or storeroom, such as cardboard and plastic packaging or general waste.

Making better use of your space

In 2018, packaging waste generated an estimated 178 kg per person in the UK, that’s twice the average weight of a man. The storage of this waste can become an issue in all types of premises from offices and shops, to restaurants and manufacturers. phs Wastekit offers a range of compactors and balers to ensure that cardboard and plastic and general waste produced on commercial properties can be safely, quickly and tidily compressed, allowing you to make better use of storage areas. This could allow warehouse operatives to space out better, or provide a temporary home for office or retail equipment which has been removed from the office or sales floor so that staff and customers can work or shop at a safe distance.

Aside from the benefit of achieving more space, compacted packaging waste also reduces the chances of infestation from vermin, removes trip hazards and lowers disposal costs. Using a responsible compactor and baler supplier, like phs Wastekit, provides all of the equipment and advice you need to meet your legal waste disposal responsibilities.

At arm’s length

To further assist your efforts to keep your premises COVID-safe, phs Wastekit offers a virtual audit which will allow our waste management experts to help you find the perfect baler or compactor for your business, from a distance.

Conducted remotely, via an online meeting, you’ll have the chance to show us your business operations so that we can understand how your site works and your current waste disposal routine is carried out. Our knowledgeable advisors will chat through the appropriate compactor and/or baler options that will most effectively help you make space and cost savings, as well as better meet your legal obligations. Every recommendation is tailored to your needs and will consider all of your requirements, such as volume and type of waste, and environmental or financial objectives.

In fact, at phs Wastekit, we’re so confident that our recommendations will suit your organisation that we’ll let you trial the equipment on a free no-obligation basis until you find the right equipment for your premises and staff. Only when you’re happy with the results will we present you with contact options – buy or rent, along with service or maintenance plans.

Compactor or baler for every need

phs Wastekit’s suggestions for dealing with your waste might include our most popular waste management equipment:

Thanks to easy operation and a built-in safety system, the 4100 In-Bin Compactor is one of the safest on the market. It reduces waste volumes in a typical 660 or 1100 ltr wheelie bin by as much as 8 times in just 41 seconds. Simply roll your usual bin into position where it is locked in place and the wheels lifted from the ground for structural protection.

The simple button operation initiates the 3-ton press force and compaction cycle before releasing the bin to be rolled away with more room for waste. This process means that just one bin is required where 8 may have been necessary previously.

phs Wastekit’s 3600 Mill Size Baler produces bales of up to 450kg for efficient recycling of plastic or cardboard. It is easily loaded from the front through an aperture over 1m wide. A noise level of less than 70 dB and cycle of 42 seconds make it pleasant to operate and reduces labour and time. At almost 3m high and over 1.7m wide, this is a sizable piece of equipment with 50 tons of press force.

The resulting bale is tied by strap or wire which can be purchased directly from phs Wastekit along with other accessories , and the bale can be ejected directly onto a pallet to be moved to storage or transported for recycling.

For sites producing larger amounts of waste, the CP30 Portable Compactor could be the answer. At 7.7m long and 2.3m high, this compactor can deal with multiple materials, while the sealed lid and leak resistant seals mean that it can be positioned outside, making more interior space available for social distancing.

This portable compactor is energy efficient, quiet and easy to operate and comes with a safety gate for additional peace of mind. The compaction of waste means the CP30 can hold far more waste than a skip.  When full, the roll-on roll-off compactor is simply collected for emptying and returned to site, ready for another load.

Saving costs, saving space, saving lives

Every piece of equipment offered by phs Wastekit has been rigorously tested to make sure that it is sturdy, reliable and fit for purpose. This promise is backed up by our nationwide team of engineers who will minimise any downtime with their swift response. All of your operators will be trained before they use the compactors and balers for safety and efficiency.

Start saving costs, saving space and potentially saving lives through better social distancing with the help of balers and compactors from phs Wastekit by getting in touch today.

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