New year, new savings

How to achieve your business's New Year's resolutions

large pile of waste recyclable cardboard

Whether it’s taking part in ‘Dry January’, joining the gym or starting that healthy eating plan you’ve been promising yourself, New Year is the perfect time to make changes for the better - and businesses are no exception.

It is estimated that more than 300,000 tonnes of cardboard packaging is used during the Christmas period - an amount large enough to cover the London Eye almost 50,000 times! If 100% of this waste was recycled, it would save enough energy to light 340 Blackpool Illuminations*. Now that’s what we call a light bulb moment! 

The rate of consumption might be higher at Christmas but waste and its subsequent costs should be top of your agenda all year round. UK businesses generate over 27 million tonnes** of waste each year and spend millions of pounds on waste disposal - money that could be put back into their business.

So if your business’ New Year’s resolution is to cut costs, think waste! Every business in the UK has a duty to deal with their waste responsibly, reduce their reliance on landfill and increase the amount they recycle. phs Wastekit offers baler and compactor solutions that help businesses reduce their waste disposal costs by up to 90% and in many cases even generate an income from their waste. The value of your waste will depend on the volume and materials but some of our customers earn up to £100 per tonne from their waste. 

But the benefits don’t stop there. Our compactors can compress as many as 14 bags of waste into one cube, freeing up bin space on your premises and making your waste disposal more manageable too.

Don’t just take our word for it - this is what one of our customers had to say after using their compactor for a couple of years: 

“I have been at this school for two years and our Orwak Bin compactor is invaluable to us. It is able to keep up with our waste needs and significantly reduce the size of our general waste. We would need another eight commercial bins if it wasn’t for this marvellous bit of kit.”

- Mike Davies at Fulford School, York.

Call us now on 0800 169 3534 to speak to one of our waste management experts and find out how a baler or compactor can make cost savings a reality for 2018.  

*2015 figures from WRAP, the government’s waste reduction advisory body.

**According to Government statistical service, Department for Environment food and rural affairs.

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