Polythene Balers - Keeping your bags tidy

Benefits of a Polythene Baler

With the plastic carrier bag charge now in place across Wales, and further legislation expected on disposable polythene bags across the rest of the UK soon, we ask what impact this will have on polythene recycling.

Polythene Packaging

Polythene and packaging, in the form of film, wrapping, packing and bags is a burden on many manufacturing, retail and leisure facilities. Lightweight in nature, the polythene material can be messy, causing a trip hazard, a fire hazard and an eyesore. The introduction of a polythene baler will contain the lightweight packaging, keeping it in a neat form, ready for recycling.

Plastic Legislation

One of the main reasons for introducing the tax on polythene carrier bags in Wales was as part of an attempt to reduce the littering impact of such packaging. This move appears to have made great improvements in the amount of polythene litter being produced in the principality. Does this mean, then, that the curse of the floating plastic bag is coming to an end? Unfortunately, no. Whilst the plastic carrier bag tax in Wales has reduced plastic usage from a domestic point of view, there has been little impact on the commercial usage of plastic packaging. So, whilst business use of polythene and other plastic packaging continues, and in some cases increases, businesses should look to a Polythene Baler to reduce the impact of waste plastics on the environment. Installing an PHS Wastekit Polythene Baler keeps lightweight plastics neatly contained, and then compresses the plastic into a bale ready for recycling. This polythene bale is an efficient weight and size, and offers easy collection and transportation by your plastics recycler.

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