How to save space in industrial manufacturing environments

By adding a baler or compactor to their waste management processes, businesses can easily reduce the volume of the waste they produce, while freeing up much-needed floor space.

Balers and compactors are the perfect solution for industrial manufacturing environments looking to save space and reduce waste. They have many uses, from reducing the volume of food waste to turning packaging waste into neat bales.

These innovative pieces of machinery offer an extensive range of benefits and are available in a variety of sizes. Balers and compactors will streamline your waste management process to help you save time and money, all while reducing the volume of your general and recyclable waste.

Space-saving balers and compactors to support industrial manufacturing
Wastekit offers an extensive range of waste management solutions, with something to suit any requirement.

4100 In-Bin Compactor

  • A space-saving compactor designed to fit a wheeled bin.
  • Can make waste up to eight times smaller. 
  • An ergonomic design for ease of use.

860 Mill Size Baler 

  • An economical solution for general waste disposal.
  • Uses low-noises and energy-saving technology.
  • Retaining claws reduce the number of loading actions

Portable CP30 Compactor

  • A sealed unit designed for Large Wet Applications.
  • Ideal for businesses producing substantial amounts of waste.
  • A fast cycle time ensures quick processing.

Portable P75 Compactor

  • A popular choice for Medium Dry Applications.
  • Suitable for general waste.
  • A popular choice for Medium Dry Applications.

Book a free wastesaving audit
The waste experts at phs Wastekit are offering a FREE Waste Saving Audit to all business around the UK.

The audit will provide your business with a full review of your current waste disposal methodologies, a bespoke consultation to discuss waste disposal costs, industry advice on all legal regulations, and a full trial of your recommended baler and/or compactor


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