How our Wastesaving Audit can help your business


No matter the sector, every business in the UK has a legal duty to sort, store and dispose of its waste correctly. There are things you can do to manage your waste effectively and reduce the amount of general waste you throw out each year, regardless of the size of your business or organisation. 

Many businesses stick to the same waste management procedures they’ve had in place for years, but could it be time for a change? As the world adapts to dealing with waste more effectively, there are new tools and procedures being introduced that could help make your waste management practices more effective. 

And that’s where we come in. phs Wastekit provides free Wastesaving Audits to businesses across the UK, helping to advise on better waste management procedures, with recommendations for equipment that could help you recycle more and waste less. 

Why effective waste management is important 

According to the UK Government, waste should be stored safely and securely, completing a waste transfer note for every load of waste that leaves your premises, and only employing a registered waste carrier to collect this waste from your site. However, you must also keep your business’s waste to a minimum by doing all you can to prevent, reuse, recycle and recover it. 

Preventing and recycling your business waste is beneficial for the environment because it reduces the amount that goes into landfill. In fact, according to statistics, 50% of the waste that takes up space in landfills is paper, a material that’s easily recycled. This is a big problem, not just because we’re running out of space to store this waste, but because many waste materials that are sent to landfill pollute the air by releasing methane as they biodegrade. 

As well as lowering your environmental impact, reducing your business waste can also save you money by cutting the amount of landfill tax you pay. As it currently stands, businesses pay a standard rate of £88.95 per tonne of waste, and a lower rate of £2.80 for ‘inactive’ waste (such as rocks and soil). 

Taking measures to reduce waste and handle it more effectively can help improve your business in many ways. That’s why an audit of your business could make a big difference to both your business and the environment. 

How a Wastesaving Audit could help your business 

With so many things to consider, dealing with your business’s waste can seem like a complicated task. This is why it’s recommended to employ a specialist company, such as phs Wastekit, to help you better manage your waste before it leaves your premises. Our high-quality waste balers segregate waste into easily identified types (making it easier to recycle), while our waste compactors will help you to reduce your volume of waste, and therefore, the cost of your waste disposal. 

At phs Wastekit, we know that the baler or compactor you require will depend entirely on the amount of waste your business produces, the types of waste materials you need to dispose of, and the amount of space you have available on your premises. Our Wastesaving Audit can take care of some of the guesswork, ensuringyou get a waste management solution that’s tailored to your business. 

What happens during a Wastesaving audit?  

Through this comprehensive free audit, we can help you to discover what waste disposal savings your business can make from our balers and compactors with no cost or obligation.  

Our Wastesaving Audit can help your business by completing the following steps: 

  • We’ll conduct an on-site survey to review your business’s current waste disposal practices, and provide recommendations on areas where savings can be made through the likes of waste minimisation and improved recycling 

  • During a bespoke consultation, one of our experts will explain how you can reduce your waste disposal costs, and even determine if you can earn money from your recyclable materials 

  • If you’re still unsure, we’ll give you the chance to trial the equipment we’ve recommended for your business, free of charge 

  • Your baler or compactor will be installed on your site by one of our fully trained engineers. 

  • If you choose to continue with your new equipment after the trail has ended, we offer flexible service and maintenance plans, including a 24-hour breakdown response 

Contact phs Wastekit today 

As a leading provider of waste management products and services in the UK, the experts at phs Wastekit are able to provide recommendations and advice that will help you improve your waste management procedures. Our Wastesaving Audit is free and can help businesses of all sizes to tackle their waste procedures for good. Audits can be done virtually or in person depending on your requirements. 

To find out more about how phs Wastekit can help your business to improve its recycling and reduce its waste disposal costs, contact ustoday for a free Wastesaving audit.  

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