How does a waste recycling baler work?

It's a simple process, offering your business great savings on your waste disposal, as well as improving your recycling rates. Find out how...

The disposal process

  1. Your baler will be safely installed by one of our fully trained installation engineers.
  2. You will be provided with detailed instruction and training on how to safely operate the waste recycling baler.
  3. Once you have your cardboard or plastic waste for baling, you're ready to start.
  4. Open the door and feed the bale strapping through the machine, ready for the cardboard and plastic waste.
  5. Add your cardboard or plastic waste into the baling chamber where it will be pressed under force to form the bale.
  6. Close the baling chamber door. In some machines, the Autostart function will begin.
  7. The cardboard or plastic material is pressed under extreme pressure to form a tight bale.
  8. When full, the control panel will notify the user. Open the door and tie off the bale strapping to secure the bale.
  9. You are now ready to remove the bale safely from the press chamber, using a bale trolley.
  10. The bale is now ready to be collected for recycling. 

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