How bailing accessories can help better manage business waste

If you’ve invested in a waste baler or compactor, you’re no doubt already aware how effective and environmentally friendly they are at managing your waste.

Balers make it easier to recycle by collecting different waste materials such as plastic and cardboard. Not only is it a legal requirement to segregate recyclable waste at source, it is a more efficient process as it requires less sorting and can save money as waste streams have different collection and disposal costs. For instance, paper and cardboard is cheaper to dispose of via recycling than general waste and, for some, you can even sell it to generate new revenue streams. Moreover, balers are more space efficient than multiple recycling bins thanks to their multi chambers. Balers and compactors reduce the volume of waste lowering disposal costs and creating more space; keeping your workplace neat and tidy.

However, as with any new product, there are hacks to make your life even easier when it comes to managing waste and getting the best out of the process.

phs Wastekit offers a full range of balers and compactor accessories such as trolleys, twine, wire ties and compactor sacks. These high-quality accessories are universal options, suitable for balers and compactors from a wide range of brands. All of these are quickly and easily available to purchase from our online shop so you can restock supplies any time you need to.

phs Wastekit’s most popular baler and compactor accessories:

Bale Strapping and Bale Twine

Bale strapping and bale twine are essential for securing heavy loads from waste balers. Strapping is an easy and convenient way to contain created bales, enabling them to be safely transported from your site for recycling and disposal. The phs Wastekit range is 500m long with a high-breaking strength to give the best possible results. Alternatively, bale twine is thinner and more versatile than strapping to secure recycling materials following baling. Our twine is available in different colours to facilitate on-site colour coding and can withstand heavy weights.

Baling Wire

Similar to strapping and twine, baling wire secures waste bales but it is a more suitable for use with larger balers that handle a high volume of waste to secure heavier loads. Heavy duty and created from metals, our bailing wire is suitable for phs Wastekit balers as well as other well-known brands. While it is thin, it is durable, strong and sturdy.

Compactor Sacks

To contain your waste, you’ll need quality compactor sacks which aren’t liable to ripping and breaking easily. Our range of clean and black compactor sacks are heavy duty, robust and tear-resistant, designed to withstand even the heaviest of waste loads. These multi-functional, high-quality sacks are suitable for general use as well as transporting heavy loads of waste.

Twine Forks and Twine Hooks

If you want to make it easier to handle baling twine, our range of universal twine forks and twine hook are useful tools and are compatible with many brands of baling equipment. They enable baling twine to be brought from the back of the baler to the front, making it easier and safer for it to be fed back into the machine.

Wire Ties and Wire Tying Tools

Once your compactor bags and sacks are full of waste, they should be sealed with wire ties. Wire tying tools can make this process easier by pulling together the wire ties when sealing the sacks. This reduces the risk of contamination and injury when securing and disposing of waste.

Bale Trolleys

Easy to use, our bale trolleys boast a sturdy metal construction helping you quickly and easily transport and remove small bales from your waste baler. Using a trolley reduces the amount of manual handling and therefore lessens health and safety risks for workers as well as preventing fatigue.

Order your range of baling accessories from the phs Wastekit online shop. And if you’re interested in your business becoming more environmentally friendly as well as potentially making money from your waste with a baler or compactor, take advantage of our free waste-saving audit either in person or virtually.  

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