Millions spent by Businesses on Waste Management Every Year

New official figures show that businesses in the UK are spending millions of pounds getting rid of solid waste every year. At PHS Wastekit we can not only help you cut your waste disposal costs, but also make money from your recycled waste as well with the help of our range of balers and compactors. According to a new report from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), waste management makes up the biggest part of environmental costs for businesses in the UK. In 2011, organisations shelled out £3 billion on environmental protection, with £2.4 billion of this going towards operational costs. Of these operational costs, a massive 32% went on solid waste management, the highest proportion by far.

Defra say that the elevated spend reflects the increase in Landfill tax in recent years. Indeed, since it was founded in 1999, Landfill Tax has risen annually to help encourage recycling initiatives. In April 2007 Landfill Tax stood at just £24 per tonne, but has since rocketed to £72 per tonne and is still on the up. At PHS Wastekit, we want to help lower the amount of money spent on solid waste disposal costs, and our range of waste handling equipment is designed to do just that. By baling plastic, cardboard or paper using an PHS Wastekit baler you can prepare your waste into secure bales ready for recycling. Recyclers will actually pay for baled waste, allowing you to generate revenue for something which would otherwise be a cost burden. As well as balers, at PHS Wastekit we also offer compactors. These are designed to compact your waste using high pressure, allowing you to halve the number of waste collections that you have to pay for. Defra warn in their report that the high operational costs for businesses will continue to rise until companies start implementing waste prevention initiatives. We recommend companies invest in waste handling equipment to start cutting their own disposal costs, as well as earn money from their baled waste.

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