Baling accessories to help you better manage your business wastephs wastekit collection of baling accessories include baling twine, wire and strapping

Investing in a company waste baler or compactor is a great first step if you want to make your business more environmentally-friendly and reduce your carbon footprint. This is because a baler will segregate

different waste materials (such as plastic and cardboard), making it easier to recycle. This doesn’t just reduce your carbon footprint; balers and compactors also reduce your volume of waste, which lowers your landfill costs and keeps your workplace neat and tidy.

However, to ensure you store your waste safely and securely, and to make the process of disposing of your waste even easier, you should utilise baling accessories. At phs Wastekit, we offer a full range of baler and compactor accessories for your workplace, such as trolleys, twine, wire tires and compactor sacks. Due to demand, we’ve even simplified the process of purchasing our baling products by making it possible for you to order them through our online shop. This makes it quick and easy to restock your supplies before they run out!

Check out our product range blow, and find out how they can help you simplify your waste disposal…

Bale Strapping and Bale Twine

Bale strapping and bale twine are essential for securing heavy loads (such as waste bales) so that they can be safely transported from your site for recycling and disposal. They offer a cost-effective solution, as well as being suitable for use with many brands of small and medium sized balers.

Baling Wire

Like bale strapping and bale twine, baling wire is used to secure waste bales, though it’s more suitable for use with larger balers that handle a high volume of waste. Strong and sturdy, our selection of baling wire is compatible with all major manufacturers’ baling equipment.

Compactor Sacks

We offer a range of clear and black compactor sacks to contain your business waste, helping you keep your premises neat and tidy. These multi-functional, high quality sacks are suitable for general use, as well as transporting heavy loads of waste materials.

Twine Forks and Twine Hooks

Twine forks and twine hooks are both useful tools when baling waste materials. Compatible with many brands of baling equipment, they enable baling twine to be brought from the back of the baler to the front. This makes it easier and safer for baling twine to be fed back into the machine.

Wire Ties and Wire Tying Tools

Wire ties should be used to seal compactor bags and sacks when they’re full of waste, and a wire tying tool can make this process easier by pulling together the wire ties when sealing the sacks. This reduces the risk of contamination and injury when securing and disposing of waste.

Bale Trollies

Our bale trolley will ensure the quick transportation and removal of small bales from your waste baler. Easy to use with a sturdy metal construction, bale trollies will help you to ensure the health and safety of your workers by reducing manually handling, therefore preventing fatigue.

To order products from our range of baling accessories, visit our online shop. To find out more about how your business can become more environmentally friendly and make money from its waste with a baler or compactor, complete our free Wastesaving Audit!

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